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Hey hey! My name is Anna—

I’m a traveling wedding, elopement, & portrait photographer based out of Middle Georgia who loves all things adventurous, lovely, & unique. I am inspired by whimsy, natural light, genuine connection, earthy tones, film, wind blown hair, fresh perspectives, the sun breaking on the horizon, texture, crafting beauty out of the mundane.

You can find me spending time with my sweet husband, Rob, hanging at a coffee shop drinking way too much coffee, making handmade gifts for all occasions, or planning our next fun adventure! My bags are packed but I also enjoy mundane Tuesday’s curled up on the couch with a cozy blanket & candle lit.

I also get overly excited at the simplest of things & am extraordinarily goofy because life is too precious to take any moment for granted. This means that when I’m behind the camera, I am genuinely so excited, constantly hyping you up, and definitely ugly crying at your ceremony. I truly hope to be more than your photographer— I want to be a friend who is there for you through it all. Seriously, if you just want a girl with a camera, I may not be the one for you and that is totally okay!

Let's be friends


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I want to capture the messy, the goofy, the intimate, and all the feelings in between. My heart lies in the authentic documentation of memories that you will look back on for a lifetime. My deep desire and purpose for photography is to offer photos that will tell a beautiful story reflecting your honest and raw love for each other. Through my journalistic approach, I aim for documentation of every detail that makes your day unique and set apart from anyone else’s.

I am NOT about perfect poses and fake smiles. I'm more concerned about capturing who you really are— every belly laugh, tear, and quirky part of you. Those are the moments you will remember when you're 70, not the fake smiles and fluff. Am I right? That's why I give action-based prompts and poses to bring out your real emotions organically.

Not only this, I have a strong sense that I was called to show you your worth, beauty, and value along the way. The meaning behind my logo is just that— to bring what is in the dark into the light. To bring the significance of the human you are out of the shadows. To unearth the beauty of your uniqueness that you may have not seen beforehand.

With all of this being said, my clients are not just another booked date on the calendar, they mean way more to me than that. That is why my number one goals is to build a connection before you even get in front of my camera. Meaning, I'm here to serve you the way I would if you were my best friend... that's how much I care about the human you are!

I plan to give you an amazing client experience. All I need from you is trust, vulnerability, and value towards the experience I offer. You ready?! Can't wait, friend.



xx, Anna

INSPIREd by film & Nostalgia

Give me a chimichanga + margarita & i'll love u forever—

did someone say mexican food?


i love Hiking + TRAVEL

rob ray is my favorite person

i love long mornings

+ black coffee

Give me all the plants in the world

BBA in finance turned wedding photographer—

University of Georgia Alum

 E/INFJ // Enneagram 6 w 7

i love handmade gifts

+ watercolor/journaling

My maiden name is Johns, hence the J in annajray ;)

Good music and old photos inspire me—

Josh GArrels is my JAm

Jesus is my everything


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A Look Inside
My Life—

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The rays—

Rob is not only my husband/best friend but also my super amazing second shooter (on most wedding days). He has a unique eye for things so it adds a little extra flavor to your gallery. Say hey to both of the Rays on your big day!

A duo


We got married March 30, 2019. Life together is super fun. We are the goofiest, most ridiculous human beings together. And not to mention all about love and marriage and living life with your best friend. Catch us crying at your ceremony… really though. Most importantly, Rob pushes me to grow closer to Jesus everyday through the love and selflessness he shows me, & to us, that’s what marriage is all about. Here’s to all the love birds out there!



The Rays

The Rays

You & I, our adventure awaits!

Let's create some Magic together!

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