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Mentor Sessions—

Running a successful business is NO JOKE! I remember when I first started there was SO much to learn and do. I seriously wish I would have invested in education right away to save me the time and hassle of figuring out everything on my own! But that's why you clicked on this page (GO YOU)— I am SO happy you are here.

I genuinely want to be there for you and help your dreams come true & that's why I offer mentor sessions so you can literally learn ALL the things that help me run my business. Not only this, I have a huge heart for community and love getting to know other photographers that are chasing their dreams! I am here for it all, whether that be answering all of your questions, giving you life advice, identifying your purpose, or to just talk friend to friend. I'm here for you— YOU READY?!


Let's talk about any topic you want! This is best if you have a few topics you want to talk through like the basics of how to start your business, client communication, editing, work-life balance, blogging, etc.

Two HOUR CALL, $250

This takes you through the ins and outs of my ENTIRE process + an in person session—
Including but not limited to:
-Entire Workflow process from inquiry to gallery delivery (including client communication, backup process, client experience, etc)
-Blogging/ SEO
-Posing couples
-Website critique
-Work-life balance
-Graphic Design tips/tricks (Photoshop/Canva)
- End the day by taking photos alongside me at a session

*Must be willing to travel to Atlanta/ Middle Georgia

5 hours in person, $600



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